What Can You Do To Help?

Right now, because Walker v. Members of Congress, is in appeal, there is little on that front that can be done by anyone. The courts will take their course on this in due time.


There are other ways you can help such as....

1. Contact your U.S. Senator and/or U.S. Representative and ask them about Walker v. Members of Congress. Find out why they oppose it and why they are willing to go to jail over it.

2. Spread the word on the Internet. Send out a link to Article5.org on in email to your friends, your families, your political allies. Let them know what's going on. Write letters, make phone calls. Let people know they are not helpless before the government, that they can do something. Remind them that all American citizens possess the legal, constitutional right to alter or abolish their form of government to satisfy the problems the citizens want addressed, not simply those the government wants to deal with.

3. Help people understand that the people are sovereign and they have the ultimate say on what goes on in this country--and that's more than just voting for the same tired candidates who come up with the same tired answers, never solving the problems that face this country's citizens.

4. Start talking and thinking about the convention. When this suit is won, there will a convention. Start thinking about who you will elect as your delegate to a convention. What amendments are needed? Read the Constitution and learn about it. How does it work? How is it planned? What changes are needed? Read the over length brief at this link and learn about what amendment issues will already be facing a convention.

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