Letter To The Supreme Court

January 22, 2002

Having received no response from any Government official regarding the effect of Walker v. United States which can only mean they agree with our conclusions made in our two previous letters, PTTP was faced with carefully considering the legal effect of the Coughenour decision in which Judge Coughenour ruled the federal government could ignore the actual written language of the Constitution under the political question doctrine. Power To The People has determined it will no longer oppose the order. Our group believes the law (and this includes rulings by the court) must be obeyed even if citizens disagree with them. We are certain that all citizens share this sentiment and therefore fully support us in this matter.

As no elected member of the government to date has expressed the slightest opposition to any assertion or statement the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the government feels the necessity of increased, if not absolute, political power over the people of the United States. Far be it from us to disagree. Therefore we have decided to join in this effort and aid the United States government in its plan.

With this in mind, today, January 22, 2002, a third letter was sent to each member of the United States Supreme Court by certified mail. The letter informed the justices of the effect of the Coughenour decision on their court and the action that will be taken should they fail to come in compliance with that order. The conclusions and the effect are clearly addressed in the letter and will not repeated here.

The Suprme Court Replies

March 6, 2002

Unlike the rest of the national Government, the Supreme Court of the United States replied to its letter through its legal counsel. Because Power To The People had not yet filed against the Court, the letter is still considered a private communication at the time of its receipt.

The fact the Court replied at all is significant as the Supreme Court is not in the habit of answering correspondence sent to it. The fact the letter was turned over to the Court's legal counsel for reply demonstrates the assertions made in our January, 2002 letter were taken seriously by the Court.


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