Letters To The Government

Following the court ruling in Walker v. United States, letters describing the effect of the case were sent via certified mail to various national Government officials which creates dictatorial powers for the national Government.

As of August, 2006 no national government official has repudiated or denied any assertion or allegation made in these letters though one congressional representative has responded in a letter. The only conclusion possible given this fact is the National Government intended to achieve the political dictatorial powers described and is banking on the naive assumption of the American public that "it never can happen here" to cover its acts.


May, 2001

A LETTER sent via certified mail to members of Congress describing the effect of this Court Order on the Republic. No member of Congress has ever denied any assertion or allegation made in this letter either privately or publicly.


September 1, 2001

Recently the group We The People, an anti federal income tax organization succeeded in organizing a forum in Washington DC. to discuss challenge the validity of the 16th Amendment to the United Constitution. You can view their web page by clicking HERE if you wish more information on their efforts. Power To The People sent a LETTER by certified mail to Robert Schulz, chairman of We The People informing him of the effect of Walker v United States on his cause. At the same time copies of this LETTER, our first LETTER and the COURT ORDER were sent by certified mail to key members of Congress and the federal government. As with our first LETTER, no member of the government has denied or disclaimed any of the assertions and conclusions made in either letter.


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