First District Court Case Filed


In December, 2000, Power To The People filed a federal lawsuit to compel Congress to call a convention to propose amendments (Amendment Convention) authorized under Article V of the United States Constitution. In March, 2001 Chief Judge John Coughenour ruled in favor or the Government's position that it was not obligated to obey the Constitution as written, meant or intended. The ruling is a defeat for America and its way of life as it creates a dictatorship in this nation by removing the most central right of the people: their right of alter or abolish. Without this precious right, all other rights in the Constitution are meaningless as the people possess no method to correct or redress any action the Government may take against those rights.

 If you only desire a brief overview of the effect of the case, we have a Quick Summary describing its effect. Also we offer suggested list of Reference Material available on the web for those wishing to research the matter in more depth. All papers filed in Federal District Court in Seattle in Walker v. United States (C00-2125C) (2001) may downloaded by clicking the appropriate link. Our files are available in PDF format. If you do not have PDF capability on your computer, you can download a free Reader from ADOBE.


Our original MOTION

Our original BRIEF


Three days after Power To The People filed our original brief, it was rejected by Chief Judge John Coughenour. We then submitted a new brief.

You can download this replacement BRIEF here.

The government of course opposed our motion. They filed a CROSS MOTION TO DISMISS which you can download here.

Power To The People filed a RESPONSE to the government motion to dismiss.

The United States then REPLIED to our response.

Because the government had not answered our complaint as required by court rules, we filed a DEFAULT MOTION, DEFAULT BRIEF and DEFAULT ORDER asking for a default judgement.

The government filed an OPPOSITION to our default motion.

Power To The People RESPONDED to the U.S. Opposition.

The Court issued its COURT ORDER.


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